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Your brand,
our possibilities,
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We increase the demand for products and services. We introduce brands to new markets. We offer specialized solutions for companies. We invest in new, innovative projects.

Why Kloepfel Global Sales?

KLOEPFEL GLOBAL SALES offers comprehensive support for business development in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, both in the B2B and B2C sectors. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with experience in such sectors as FMCG, services or industry. Over the past several years, we have built an extensive network of personal contacts in various governmental organizations and companies. The quality of these contacts translates directly into the effectiveness of our activities. KLOEPFEL’s priority is the dynamic development and monetization of the companies which we cooperate with.

Rapid development and monetization of your business

Over 100 companies in our portfolio

An extensive network of business contacts

Experience in the German-speaking and Eastern European markets

Kloepfel Global Sales is for you if:


  • your goal is the expansion of the company into new markets

  • ou want to increase sales of your products/services

  • you are interested in business development, but you don’t have the knowledge and opportunities to do it

  • you look for an investor

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