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Introduction of companies to a new market

Kloepfel Global Sales
introduces companies to a new market

If you have a prosperous organization, but you have an appetite and ambition to expand into foreign markets, but you don’t know how to do it, get the help of our experts who will help you in this process. A new market can also be a great remedy for the stagnation that has caught your business in the internal market. If this problem also concerns you, it’s time to look for new opportunities for development through internationalization.

The most common problem related to delaying decisions on foreign expansion is the lack of business contacts or organizational structure on a new market, or language barriers. There is also the question “Where to start?”

Cooperation with Kloepfel Global Sales is the answer to all the uncertainties related to expansion into new markets.

What kind of support can you count on:

  • analysis of the market potential and competitiveness in terms of prices and availability of services,
  • operational support while organizing the office, finding sites for production, putting the team together (customer service, sales)
  • legal support,
  • provision of business contacts and selection of the best sales channels for a given product/service
  • marketing service – preparation of communication in the native language taking into account the specificity of a given country (website, advertising materials) and optimization, selection of promotion tools, as well as logistics 

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