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Case Study

Ukrainian producer of beverages

The company has a large market share in Ukraine for kvass and yoghurt drinks. They tried to enter the EU market with their products – but without success. We conducted a market research for Germany and Poland in terms of the market potential for the kvass sale. It turned out that this product was not very common in both countries – mainly sold in stores for Russians. Kloepfel Global Sales has introduced the product to a chain of Russian supermarkets in Germany and to one of the five largest German supermarket chains.

A chain of stores in the retail industry

NKD is one of the largest sales networks in the DACH region. KGS is responsible for the expansion of the NKD chain to the Polish market in terms of operations (recruiting people, searching for locations, providing comprehensive services to operating stores, legal services, etc.) as well as the strategy of network development in this country. KGS is the sole distributor of the NKD brand and products on the Polish market.


Laundry company

In the first half of 2020, Kloefel Global Sales purchased a laundry company in order to develop the company’s potential on the market through expansion and implementation of an innovative development strategy using new technologies. In order to achieve the goal, changes were implemented such as: introducing new sales channels, increasing brand visibility and awareness among consumers (extensive off-line and online advertising campaign) as well as changing the product development strategy. In the near future, integration with in-app purchases and implementation of a modern Big Data system are planned.


Establishment of a company selling PPE

Responding to the needs of one of the companies in the group, KGS launched and developed a new brand dealing in the sale of personal protective equipment (PPE) on the German market. In just 6 months, we opened a company, established business relationships with local producers, launched sales – including in the on-line channel, and built a database of e-mail contacts to several thousand B2B customers, guaranteeing the company constant sales.


Exclusive Distributor of luxury underwear

KGS is the exclusive distributor of the CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Underwear & Socks brand in Ukraine. We are responsible for the creation and development of the B2B sales network in this country.

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