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Sales Outsourcing

Sales outsourcing with Kloepfel Global Sales -
low risk, profit maximization

Do you have a great product or service, unfortunately you lack resources or opportunities to establish business contacts? Kloepfel Global Sales offers an extensive network of contacts and an experienced team of specialists who will build a distribution network for you on the DACH and Central and Eastern European markets.

Direct sales

Building a distribution network

Obtaining and intermediating in commercial contracts

Training of the new employees, appropriate contacts and knowledge of the market are high costs and, above all, time. At Kloepfel Global Sales, we provide all three factors that contribute to sales success. We are ready to immediately start your business development activities. Our sales specialists have a network of extensive international contacts, thanks to which you can also “test the market” before you decide to make large investments.

Sales actions of Kloepfel Global Sales tailored to your business

  • we extend and maximize the time of direct sales

  • we establish contact with real decision-makers

  • we prepare effective market entry strategies

  • we maximize the demand for your products or services

  • we deepen the penetration of existing markets and initiate it on the new ones

  • we build a distribution network optimized to the company’s capabilities and we subject it to a process of dynamic growth

  • we optimize supply chains

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